Dallas Pilot Institute for the Deaf
(Pilot School for the Deaf)
1943 to 1967
This website was created to preserve the
history of our Pilot Institute for the Deaf in Dallas, Texas
as well as to keep a list of the school's
former staff and students.

History of Pilot Institute, 1943 to 1967

Former Staff

Former Students

In Memory

1940s pictures

1950s pictures

1960s pictures

Latest News

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Since this website is paid for from my personal funds,
there will be a limited number of pages and photos. 
If you would like to contribute money to help the site
expand, please contact me about how you can donate. 

Special thanks to the 2011 Pilot School Reunion, Mrs. Dorine Cunningham,
and Mark E. Taylor for their monetary contributions!

I would like to include a special appreciation to my mother, Malacha Lemons,
for saving Pilot School material for me and my sister Sherry,
and for inclusion on this website.

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[photo of Pilot School courtesy of Callier Center for Communication Disorders;
the little boy on the left in the top photo is Mark E. Taylor
and the older boy is Robert "Bob" Casteel.]
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